A mini-review about Air Ambulance Services 

Just like the common medical ambulance that moves the invalid in need of urgent medical attention to a hospital, this service is also available by air. This service involves the repatriation of patients in dire need of emergency medical treatment that involves long distances. An Example is MedEvac Express.

 Who Are MedEvac Express

MedEvac Express is a worldwide medical air rescue squad company that organizes medical repatriation flights nationwide in emergencies on either short or long-term attention for their clients, to get full information click Air Ambulance. MedEvac Express is a long-existing company with over 40 years of operation in the medical field, with its headquarters in Germany.

It partners with key medical organizations in the world to bring top-notch quality medical services to its clients. for example, the Medecins sans Frontières is part of the Association of Air Medical assistance aid and the National Business Aeronautics Association.

 What are the services MedEvac offers?

They render assistance to international patients in foreign countries on diplomatic and linguistic issues. They help arrange and translate necessary and important documentation in the host country. They also assist in catering for other necessities such as feeding, accommodation, clothing for both the patient and visiting relative or friend.

Air Medical escort services. Medical escorts are health specialist that accompanies the patients on the flights. These medical escorts can perform the emergency treatment or administer first aid treatment on patients, should need to arise before landing in their prospective destination. A medical escort also keeps the patient company in cases whereby close relatives or friends aren't available.  Bed-to-Bed service. This service secures the easy transfer of a patient from a hospital bed in the home country to a hospital bed abroad and the other way round.   This service also includes full-ground service from the airport to the hospital of the destination.

They assist their clients in preparing emergency traveling documents on a short-term notice. Situations can arise where the clients or their accompanying relatives have incomplete traveling documents, they are issued special traveling permits to travel with.