Boat rental and repair : why choose Suncap ?

Do you want to repair your boat ? Complete your equipment to improve your comfort ? Or just maintain it ? Suncap, in addition to being an expert in the sale of new and used boats, has several covered hangars allowing the storage, repair and maintenance of boats. As a true partner, Suncap cares about the satisfaction of its customers.

Entrust us with your boat, on land or afloat, for serene sailing

Established since 1979 in St-Tropez, Suncap offers a large fleet of units available for rental. Suncap’s objective is to democratize access to the sea through an accessible boat rental, that is to say less expensive and less restrictive. Thanks to its concept of « Rental Management » of boats from private owners, it seeks to offer you the best value for money (in the pre-season it makes a selection of the boats best suited to rental, and in perfect condition). In addition, you can take advantage of its website and its online booking system, to book in a few clicks the boat that corresponds to your budget, on the dates of your choice. Suncap is also in the sale of boats. New or used, its teams will be able to help you define the right boat according to your navigation program.

Quality and tailor-made

When it comes to repair and maintenance, entrust your boat to Suncap, on land or afloat, for serene sailing. From the keel to the rigging, take advantage of its know-how and its infrastructure. This company, with its experience in this area, can assist you : repairs, upkeep-maintenance, dry or afloat wintering, fairings-antifoulings, treatment of hulls and keels, varnishes and paints, fittings-sale and installation, standing rigging, running rigging, shrouds-furlers, splices and crimps, sails and saddlery, ropes, polyester repairs, marine electricity, electronics, mechanics, enclosed land, berths afloat. Thanks to its professionals, Suncap will make every effort to provide you with a tailor-made quality service.

Boat repair and maintenance with Suncap means choosing peace of mind and quality. Since your safety is paramount, its teams are there to advise you. The skipper will be briefed on the operation of the boat and safety accessories. But also in the navigation area before departure. The reception team is there to help you from their pier and to receive you on your arrival. There are no difficult maneuvers to perform.