Ivory Coast Benefits from the COVAX initiative by receiving vaccines

After Ghana collected huge amounts of COVID-19 vaccine from the COVAX scheme, Ivory Coast became the most important second African nation to benefit. The Ivory Coast government has said health officials and aged people will collect first. 

Vaccines arrive at Ivory Coast on Covax initiative 

Ivory Coast is the second country to get a shipment of COVID-19 vaccines by the COVAX program. These vaccines, which total about 505,000 jabs by the AstraZeneca vaccine, arrived in the country on Friday. It was received in Abidjan by health and government officials. This had paid the way for the country to start vaccination progress as early as next week. 

Earlier this week, Ghana became the first African country to benefit from the program. Before the end of 2021, COVAX aims to deliver more than 2.5 billion vaccines to more than 95 developing countries so that there will be a level-playing ground for all countries in the world. 

This program which was backed by WHO, GAVI, and the coalition for Epidemic innovations has slowed down the shortage in the supplies of vaccines by the pharmaceutical firms. According to information by WHO, more than 25 African countries have been penciled down to receive vaccines through this program. Ivory Coast health minister said more than 300,000 citizens will be targeted next week to be administered. 

Ivory Coast economy has been severely affected by the ravaging Covid-19 infection 

Eugene Aka Aouele said the first people to get the vaccines were defense officials, health staff, and teachers in Abidjan. This is because the capital has witnessed more infection cases than the country. Ivory Coast has more than 26 million population, but the epicenter has been Abidjan. 

The pandemic has affected the economy and other activities in the country. The government budget had to be slashed more than 35% before it was passed. The country which relies heavily on exports of goods has seen a fall in revenue. The minister expects things to improve before July.