Kratom is all the rage

The world of drugs and additives is constantly evolving into new leaves, the latest of which comes from an evergreen tree. Kratom is the latest opioid-like drug that US regulators have had to deal with, but you may not know much about this botanical extract.

Learn a little more about this plant

Kratom is essentially an extract from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa. The people of the tree's Southeast Asian origin traditionally chewed the leaves, but most preparations today involve drying and powdering them. Click here for more information This powder can be taken directly or put into a capsule, although some people have also sponged the dried leaves into tea. Few people have studied exactly which ingredients in kratom provide them with the irritating effects of pain relief and psychotropic substances, but two of the alkaloids they contain metragenine and 7-hydroxymitragynine have an opioid-like interaction with receptors in the human brain.

Kratom: a plant prized by the day

People in Thailand and Malaysia have used the leaves for many years, ranging from an energy booster to an anti-diarrhoeal, but they have also used it to reduce pain and treat drug addiction. Recent uses are closer to the number of kratom supporters in the US and Europe for the leaves. Although the FDA, DEA and HHS have all considered whether kratom should be banned, it is still widely legal nationwide in America, and many people now take it for various medical problems. One advocate said he swallows kratom powder every day to relieve the pain of endometriosis, while another said she uses it to treat her opioid addiction.