Netherlands court approves government decision to use pandemic measures

A court in the Netherlands has approved that the government can impose a dawn lockdown on citizens to reduce COVID-19 transmission. However, the group who took them to court has said they will appeal the decision. 

Court gives favorable judgment for government lockdown measures 

On Friday morning, a Dutch court gave the government the approval to use emergency law to control its pandemic curfew. Themis ruling became necessary following an earlier judgment which states that the judge had no right to control the movement of people. Last month, a group known as Vieuswaaeheid took the government to court that the 5.00 am curfews are illegal and breach their right. 

These judgments are a huge victory for the government which aims to use this measure to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The  Hague Court of appeal said on Friday that the decision was made in the best interest of everyone and that the limitation on people's freedom was necessary to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 

The head of the group, Willem Engel has said they were not happy with the decision and will appeal shortly. Many Dutch citizens appear to support the ruling as the Dutch government hasn't done much to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. More than 14,000 Dutch citizens have died with more than 1 million infected cases. 

Dutch bars and clubs to open despite the restriction 

Also, some bars and restaurant owners have insisted they would open a business in defiance of the lockdown. The bar owners complained that the government has done nothing to ease their sufferings since the lockdown in October. They have also complained that shutting down business further without any alternatives is dangerous.

The hospitality sector in the Netherlands generated more than €200 million yearly. However, the Dutch government is having supplies shortages with its ordered AstraZeneca vaccine. Although fatalities are not as high as other EU countries, it is not leaving any stone unturned.