Technological advances in the automobile

The quest for more efficient automobiles in terms of driving, safety and aesthetics is driving the automobile manufacturing industries to constantly reinvent the true meaning of a car. In the form of <>, revolutionary cars, following advances in technology in this field, are regularly presented to the public. What exactly are we talking about?

The new car releases

The technology embedded in vehicles displays electric, autonomous and connected cars. This technology changes and improves the behavior of vehicles on the road. Thus, with the help of an automated system, vehicles are able to detect other cars, signals, obstacles to avoid all kinds of accidents through distance sensors. They are now able to anticipate the movements of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users thanks to the artificial intelligence integrated with cameras and other sensors. For example, the DBS Superleggera used as a prototype has exterior mirrors that hide a small camera. A third camera is located on the roof, pointing to the rear. The central mirror is used as a screen to display the images of the three cameras. This provides dual security. Read more at

What is the purpose of this new technology in the automobile?

The main goal is to make driving safer with innovative devices that can react effectively to any situation. For example, in the event of an accident, an external airbag enveloping the car. The other objective is that cars are now more and more responsible for driving. This is why we see the development of autonomous and semi-autonomous cars. The aim is to improve road safety beyond the limits to limit road accidents and any other problems related to vehicles.

Technological advances in the automobile can lead to new fuels, a reinvention of the interior and even more radical changes.