Telegram adds an auto-delete feature to all messages

After gaining some members from WhatsApp due to privacy policies, Telegram has added a new feature to attract its customers. This new feature will be available to both new and old users.

Telegram adds a new innovative feature 

Message application Telegram is updating its app with several options which enable auto-deleting messages. According to a spokesperson, this is the first step in innovations that the company will bring in recent months. This new update will see it have an upper hand over its competitors. Signal and Telegram both benefited from the row WhatsApp had with some users over privacy concerns. 

This led many to migrate towards Telegram apps. The tech firm is adopting new policies which will increase security and offer better services to new and old members. This feature was available in its encrypted versions, but this recent update is available for all chats. This new feature can be put on for all chats or set for 24 hours. 

Rival media networks have similar updates, for example, WhatsApp had similar updates in 2020 while signals also had active disappearance SMS since 2017. Telegram has also included invite links which can be automatically set to expire in some days. These new invite links will allow administrators to have better control over members and privacy concerns. 

Telegrams have fallen short of expectations and strive to get more users 

Telegram has not been able to catch up with rivals in recent times regularly looking for ways to attract more users. A tech analyst Brian gray said they have to do more if they want to catch up with WhatsApp

'' Telegram has some amazing features and considered secure, however, WhatsApp even with their recent troubles will be hard to catch '' 

A source at Telegram said that they are working on improving their user interface to make their users happy.

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