Tips for eliminating kitchen odors

 Kitchens smell from time to time because of the supplies stored in them. Freezers or refrigerators also contribute to these annoying odors that emanate from the kitchen. You can remedy these odors with some natural products that are at your fingertips. Discover in this article these ingredients through some tips.


Lemon is a very powerful citrus fruit that fights kitchen odors. To take advantage of its aroma, boil lemon and a bit of cloves in water. The smell quickly clears the smelly environment. It is also possible to plant a few cloves in lemon cut in half and put them in your freezers or refrigerators, and your kitchen will no longer smell bad. For more information on home themed topics, read this post here.

Orange Peel

Here's another trick with a simple ingredient that anyone can have. It is orange peels that you can get after peeling your fruit. You can use them to keep your kitchen free of bad odors. Heat the orange peels in an oven at medium temperature, the bad smells will automatically disappear and the scent of the heated orange peel will invade your kitchen. Rest assured, it will smell great, and you will love it.

White Vinegar

White vinegar has multi function, it is used for cooking and also for furnishing. Besides, it is known to eliminate odors because it is a powerful vacuum cleaner that many ignore. To take advantage of this vacuum capacity, simply boil white vinegar in a pan without a lid, the strong odors will automatically disappear. If the odor is not strong, you do not need the slurry, just pour a quantity into a bowl. Leave it in the air and the smell will dissipate the bad odor. You can also use it to remove odors from the dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer. Just pour a quantity into the water you use to clean these equipments.