President Biden promises to support Ukraine against Russia over Crimea

Following the occupation of Crimea by Russian forces, the US has said it will continue to support Ukraine against oppression from the Kremlin. 

President Biden promises to back Crimea over the Russian occupation 

The US president has promised that Ukraine will be supported on Crimea and that his administration will not recognize Russia's occupation of the region. The Russian invasion and continued occupation of Crimea was a violation of international law and sovereignty of Ukraine according to President Biden. 

Exactly seven years ago, Russia sent its military into Ukraine violating the 1995 Black Sea agreement. It surrounded army barracks and occupied Ukraine naval ships. When the Russian military took the position in the peninsula, an international referendum was done in March 2016, where more than 97% said they wanted to rejoin the Kremlin, however many countries declared such referendum illegal. 

The president at that time, Barack Obama, imposed heavy sanctions on some Russian public officials and businessmen who were linked to President Vladimir Putin. This occupation of Crimea, created a huge feud between Russia and the US with America insisting that it won't recognize Russia's annexation. 

Trump accuses of tacitly supporting Russia 

However, the opinion of the former president isn't clear, as it was reported in the media that he said Crimea was Russia's as all citizens speak Russian. Donald Trump has said Barack Obama was to blame as he refused to prevent it. President Biden said the US would always back Ukraine against Moscow's autocratic tendencies. 

Russia has been having clashes with western nations in recent times over the handling of human rights abuse. The recent case of Alexei Navalny has pitted them against EU nations who have two diplomats sent back. The Cold War between Russia and the US looks likely to continue as both nations rarely see eye-to-eye. Russia has remained unperturbed about the animosity, as President Putin's reigns continue.